Action 6

ACTION 6: Dissemination Activities (Duration: 31months)

This Action constitutes the most important part of the project as it involves all the activities that need to be foreseen and performed in order for the highest dissemination level and diffusion of the project objectives, actions and results to be accomplished.


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Publications in scientific journals/participation in conferences


The project and its results were presented to the following conferences/workshops/events:

  1. The “United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 18)” that took place in Doha. In particular, the project findings were presented on 6 December 2012 at the European Union programme of side events. The session dedicated to the project was entitled “Adaptation challenges for small islands – The CYPADAPT Case” and was presented by Dr. Maria Zachariou-Dodou (NTUA) and Dr. Christos Giannakopoulos (NOA). Read more… 
  2. The event “Design with energy thinking” which was organized by the Neapolis University of Pafos, the Cyprus Physicists Society and the Department Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment of Cyprus on 9 March 2013. In specific, Dr. Theodoulos Mesimeris (project coordinator, MANRE) made a presentation on the project entitled “National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change – project LIFE+ CYPADAPT”.Event agenda, CYPADAPT presentation
  3. The 13th European Meteorological Society (EMS) Annual Meeting & 11th European Conference on Applications of Meteorology (ECAM) which was organized on 9–13 September 2013 at Reading, United Kingdom. In this conference, Dr. Giannakopoulos (NOA) presented a poster entitled “Future climate change impact, vulnerability and adaptation assessment for the island state of Cyprus” (FF17 EMS2013-638).Conference agenda, CYPADAPT poster
  4. The Regional Workshop on “Water Resources Management: Needs & Prospects” which was organized in the framework of the Brawa project on April 22–23, 2013 at Amman, Jordan. In this workshop, Dr. Petrakis (NOA) made a presentation on “Climate change, extremes and their impacts in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East. A new era”.Workshop agenda, CYPADAPT presentation
  5. The seminar “Biodiversity and climate change: current and future species distribution patterns”, which was organized by the Frederick Research Center and took place on 12 September 2013 at Nicosia, Cyprus. In this seminar, Dr. Ioannou (MANRE) made a presentation entitled “CYPADAPT- The National Adaptation Strategy. Focus on biodiversity”.Seminar agenda, CYPADAPT presentation
  6. The International Conference “Water Is Necessary for Life – WIN4Life” which was organized in the framework of the LIFE+ SOLBRINE project on 19-21 September 2013 at Tinos Island, Greece. In this conference, Ms Papadaskalopoulou (NTUA) made a presentation entitled “Challenges for water resources and their management in light of climate change: the case of Cyprus” and Dr. Giannakopoulos (NOA) made a presentation entitled “Impacts of climate change on the precipitation regime in the island of Cyprus”.Conference agenda, CYPADAPT presentation 1, CYPADAPT presentation 2
  7. The CIRCLE-2 SHARE Workshop “Adaptation Platforms in Europe: Addressing challenges and sharing lessons” which was held at Vienna, Austria on 7-8 November 2013. Dr Ioannou (MANRE) participated at this workshop both as a member of the advisory group and as a speaker, presenting the CYPADAPT project and a first version of the national adaptation platform of Cyprus. Workshop agenda 
  8. The Conference “The Mediterranean City 2014 – Adaptation Strategies to Global Environmental Change in the Mediterranean City and the Role of Global Earth Observations” which was organized on 10-11 June 2014 at the Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens, Greece. In this conference, Dr. Giannakopoulos (NOA) presented a poster entitled “Climate Change Impact Assessment for Selected Urban Areas in Cyprus”.Conference book of abstracts, CYPADAPT poster, Announcement
  9.  The informative event on the programme LIFE “Climate Action” which was held at the premises of MANRE on July 30, 2014. During this event, the CYPADAPT project was presented by Dr. Ioannou (MANRE) as a successful LIFE climate project.Event agenda, CYPADAPT presentation
  10. The “Climate-Adapt Science-Policy Forum on Climate Change Adaptation: Workshop for promoting the development of a National Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation in Greece, through the exchange and dissemination of relative knowledge to policymakers”, which was held on September 4, 2014 at the Royal Olympic hotel in Athens, Greece. In this workshop, Dr. Theodoulos Mesimeris (MANRE) made two presentations, the first one focusing on the development of the National Adaptation Strategy of Cyprus and the second one on the proposed adaptation measures for the water sector.Workshop agenda, CYPADAPT presentation1, presentation 2




Organization of raising awareness events



Raising awareness events

Overall, twenty (20) events were organized by MANRE in collaboration with several municipalities of Cyprus, aiming at raising public awareness on issues related to climate change impacts and adaptation on the identified policy areas in Cyprus. The list of these events is presented following.

Event (Idali 28/1/2014): Facing Climate change – Cities and villages without waste

Event (Aglantzia Municipality 17/04/2013): Facing Climate Change – Adaptation and economy

Event (Sotira Municipality 9/04/2013): Facing Climate Change – Agricultural Productivity

Film projection (Nicosia 14/03/2013): Ecovillages in Europe

Event (Aradippou 12/2/2013): Facing Climate Change – Livestock

Event (Aradippou Municipality 11/2/2013): Facing Climate Change – Can we?

Event (Lakatamia 5/2/2013): Facing Climate Change – Food and drinking water

Event (Gerios 30/1/2013) Facing Climate Change-Forests

Event (Paralimni Municipality 16/1/2013): Facing Climate Change – Agriculture and Livestock

Event (Strovolos 10/1/2013) Facing Climate Change – Infrastructure and transport

Event (Nicosia Municipality 18/12/2012): Facing Climate Change – Economy and Growth

Event (Polis Chrysochous Municipality 17/12/2012): Facing Climate Change –Are we ready?

Event (Geroskipou Municipality 13/12/2012): Facing Climate Change – Biodiversity and Marine Ecosystems

Event (House of Letters and Arts Larnaca 12/12/2012): Facing Climate Change – Protection of coasts

Event: Facing Climate Change (Limasol Municipality 10/12/2012) – Energy

Event (Engomi Municipality 3/12/2012): Facing Climate Change – Water resources

Event: Facing Climate Change (Paphos Municipality 29/11/2012)– Tourism

Event: Facing Climate Change (Latsia Municipality 26/11/2012)– Climate Changes

Event (Ayios Dometios Municipality 19/11/2012): Facing Climate Change – Health & Society

Workshop «National Web Communication Platforms for Climate Change Adaptation»

A Workshop on «National Web Communication Platforms for Climate Change Adaptation» was realized on Monday, 31st of March 2014 where, Dr. Stephane Isoard (European Environment Agency), presented the Climate-Adapt Platform, Dr. Kiriaki Ioannou (Department of Environment, MANRE) presented the National Adaptation Platform of Cyprus, Mr. George Kostantzos (NTUA) presented the CYPADAPT MCA tool and Dr. Philippos Tymvios (Department of Meteorology, MANRE) presented the weather predictions for the Eastern Mediterranean.

Dr. Stephane Isoard (EEA) Dr. Stephane Isoard (EEA)
Dr. Philippos Tymvios
(Department of Meteorology, MANRE)
Dr. Philippos Tymvios
(Department of Meteorology, MANRE)
Dr. Kiriaki Ioannou
(Department of Environment, MANRE)
Mr. George Kostantzos


Organization of an international conference


In order to share the results of the project implementation and further promote international efforts for adaptation, the CYPADAPT working team organized the International Conference that took place on the 27th & 28th of March, 2014 at the Filoxenia Conference Centre of Lefcosia, Cyprus. The Conference was organized with great success, as distinctive scientists and decision makers participated, while the overall registrations exceeded 400. A special conference website ( was also developed in order to provide information on the conference. The Conference agenda was dense and rich, offering a considerable variety of topics presented through twelve thematic sessions. More than 100 presentations were made by speakers coming from various countries all over the world. Overall, delegates from 34 countries around the world participated to the conference.

In the conference, among others, special attention was given to the presentation of the results of the work done for the formulation of the national strategy of Cyprus for adaptation to climate change. The speakers covered a wide range of themes, including existing and new adaptation policies both at European level and globally, examples of successful adaptation measures in other countries, models predicting climate change impacts on various sectors of the economy (e.g. agriculture, water resources, biodiversity and forests, tourism, energy and infrastructure, health), actions reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, available sources of project funding for climate adaptation, etc. The participation of distinguished speakers should also be noted. Indicatively, Mr. Michel Jarraud, Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organisation, Mrs. Rosario Bento Pais, Head of Unit Climate Change Adaptation, DG for Climate Action, European Commission, Mr. Georges Kremlis from the Directorate General Environment of the European Commission and Mr. Stephane Isoard from the European Environment Agency were keynote speakers. Furthermore, a number of side events took place such as welcome cocktail, dinners and sightseeing excursion.

Conference agendaCall for papers, ADAPTtoCLIMATE proceedings, CYPADAPT conference presentations, Conference Photos

TV conference spot






Layman’s report

The Layman’s report which was elaborated at the end of the project, contains information on the project objectives, actions and results in a simplified way in both the Greek and English language.

Download the CYPADAPT Layman’ report