Action 4

ACTION 4: Development of a multi-criteria analysis tool for the elaboration of the adaptation plan for Cyprus

Duration: 01/01/2013 – 31/09/2013

Status – Completed

Action 4 consists of five (5) individual activities:

Review on the state of the art multi-criteria analysis tools used for the development of adaptation plans worldwide

During Activity 4(a) “Literature review on the state of the art multi-criteria analysis (MCA) tools used for the development of adaptation plans worldwide”, one report has been elaborated containing information regarding the literature review on decision making methods as well as on selected MCA applications in adaptation strategies (Deliverable 4.1).


MCA software tool for the evaluation of climate change adaptation measures

In the framework of Activity 4(b), a Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) tool (download) was developed for the evaluation and prioritization of the proposed adaptation measures which address the identified climate change impacts in Cyprus, based on a range of social, environmental, technical and economic criteria.

The MCA tool processes stakeholders΄ evaluations on the proposed adaptation measures and produces alternative adaptation scenarios, based on the degree of vulnerability of the system to climate change, the weights assigned to the evaluation criteria and the weights assigned to the different stakeholder groups (competent national authorities, relevant national authorities, research institutes, NGOs, sectoral unions and associations and, civil society organizations).

The results produced by the MCA tool include, apart from the prioritization of measures (presented in the form of tables and column charts), a statistical analysis for each measure (i.e. number of evaluators, synthesis of evaluators based on the group they belong, dispersion of individual scorings) which can be used as indicators of data quality.

Finally, the user can conduct a real-time sensitivity analysis to examine the effect that changes in input parameters (e.g. changes in the weights assigned to (a) criteria, (b) stakeholder groups, (c) impacts) have on the final prioritization of measures.

The software developed is accurate and yet easy to understand and use. Furthermore this tool has a dynamic profile given that alterations to its database may be made in order to incorporate case specific data for a country, region or town.

Download the CYPADAPT tool for the multi-criteria evaluation of adaptation measures (excel)

CYPADAPT tool demonstration video

Download the CYPADAPT tool demonstration video

Download the MCA tool manual (pdf)




Training seminars

In order to present the CYPADAPT tool and its results as well as train the potential administrators of the tool, a series of training seminars were organized on 17-21 February 2014 at the Department of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment of Cyprus.