Action 2

Duration: 01/10/2011 – 31/03/2012

Status – Completed

Action 2 consists of three (3) individual activities:

  • Activity 2(a): Review of existing national and regional adaptation strategies and practices as well as guidelines on the development of adaptation plans.
  • Activity 2(b): Assessment of past responses to adapt to the adverse climate change impacts in Cyprus.
  • Activity 2(c): Development of a database consisting of adaptation measures applied worldwide.

In the report foreseen under Activity 2(a) (Deliverable 2.2), the existing national and regional adaptation strategies as well as the guidelines for the development of adaptation plans were reviewed. With regard to national adaptation strategies, all National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs) and National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) developed so far have been recorded (13 NAPs and 47 NAPAs in total). Following, the countries that have developed adaptation strategies and share the same challenges and characteristics with Cyprus (such as the Mediterranean countries) were identified and selected for further analysis. These countries were Spain, France, Malta, Tunisia and Finland. Finland was selected despite its substantial differences with Cyprus, due to the fact that it was the first country to elaborate a National Adaptation Strategy and has therefore achieved much progress in the field of adaptation to climate change. The methodology followed for the assessment of the NAPs was adopted by the Finnish evaluation approach and it is based on an indicator measuring the level of implementation of the National Adaptation Plan adopted by the countries.

In addition, in the framework of Activity 2(a), a trip to Finland took place (21-24/2/2012). Representatives from all project beneficiaries visited Helsinki and attended the organized meetings with representatives from state of the art institutions with specific expertise on various climate change issues. A full agenda of meetings was scheduled during the partners’ stay in Finland with the main liaison there being the Finnish Environment Institute which has been involved in the development of the Finish Adaptation Strategy, the Climate Change Adaptation Research Programme and the Climate-guide. The CYPADAPT team had the opportunity to exchange information and gain significant knowledge on adaptation through numerous meetings (eighteen sessions in total) with the following Finish institutions:

-   Finnish Environment Institute

-   Ministry of the Environment

-   Finnish Meteorological Institute

-   Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

-   Technical Research Centre of Finland

-   Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority

The minutes of the visit (Deliverable 2.1), include the agenda of the meetings realized, briefings of all sessions as well as the presentations made during these sessions.

In the report foreseen under Activity 2(b) (Deliverable 2.3, updated version March 2013), the existing adaptation measures implemented in Cyprus aiming at reinforcing the adaptive capacity of different sectors in Cyprus are reviewed and evaluated on the basis of their effectiveness, viability and their contribution to climate change adaptation. The adaptation measures reviewed include also those measures that may not address climate change impacts directly or those that may not have been developed for this purpose, but are contributing towards this direction. Given that there is no integrated adaptation policy established at international/European level as well as in Cyprus, sectoral or case specific policies that also address climate change impacts constituted the basis of the evaluation. The measures reviewed are in the form of policy plans, strategies, legislative actions, guidelines, economic incentives, knowledge dissemination activities or research. Potential barriers to implementing adaptation measures have been identified, such as legal and policy-level inadequacies or inconsistencies, institutional, social, economic and cultural barriers and lack of awareness on climate change issues. The adaptation measures reviewed refer to the identified climate change impacts in Cyprus in all 11 policy areas of Cyprus (Activity 1(a)).

During Activity 2(c) (Deliverable 2.4) a database (in Access format) has been developed with the aim to provide information on the adaptation measures applied worldwide. The adaptation measures are categorized based on the sector they are applied (agriculture, water resources, health, energy, tourism etc), the specific characteristics of each country (population, GDP), while countries are also grouped based on their common geographical characteristics and other features (region, UN category, Annex I and non Annex I countries). In addition, adaptation measures may be searched with the use of keywords.