Development of a national strategy for adaptation to climate change adverse impacts in Cyprus


Area of implementation: Cyprus
Duration: 31 months (1 September 2011- 31 March 2014)
Project Budget: 1.358.847,00 € (50% EC funding)

The project initiated in September 2011 and had a duration of 31 months. The Department of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment of Cyprus was the coordinator of the project, while the National Technical University of Athens and the National Observatory of Athens are project partners. The project was co-financed by the LIFE+ programme, the EU financial instrument for the environment.

The CYPADAPT main aim was to strengthen and increase Cyprus adaptive capacity to climate change impacts through the development of a National Adaptation Strategy. The following specific objectives for the accomplishment of the CYPADAPT aim:

  • outline knowledge about current climate variations
  • describe future changes projected for the 21st century
  • characterise adaptive capacity to cope with present-day climate
  • provide estimates of potential impacts under future climate change
  • assess the relative vulnerability of different systems, sectors or communities to climate change
  • propose appropriate measures for adapting to climate change


Both the vulnerability assessment and the adaptation measures refer to all the policy areas of Cyprus that are – or expected to be – affected by climate change. The categorization of the adaptation policy areas is based on the White Paper of the European Commission entitled “Adapting to climate change: towards a European framework for action” and are presented in the following figure.

The project was structured upon the following 6 Actions.